Revocation instruction

In case of on line orders the buyer has In accordance with the condition of the Remote sale law the right to recall within two weeks after receipt of goods without reason.

The recall can be done written or by sending back the goods. For period keeping the punctual sending off is sufficient; please send to company:

Krebs Glas Lauscha GmbH
Am Park 1
98724 Lauscha

In case of a effectively recall, the on both sides received achievements have to be refunded and if necessary pulled uses have to be published.

Is the buyer unable to refund the received achievement totally or partly or only in worsened condition, he has to carry out indemnification according to value. For the hiring of things this is not valid, if the degradation of the thing is to due exclusive to their examination as it would have been possible in the shop. The buyer bears the cost of the return, if the supplied commodity corresponds to the ordered and the value of the goods to be sent back does not exceed 40,00 EUR or if the value is higher when the buyer did not return or did not furnish contractually agreed upon partial payment. Otherwise sending back of the goods is free of charge.